Ariana Lena

“Work to become, not to acquire”

As a young professional, I can say my experience has been all over the place but that’s the beauty of life – you never know what’s going to happen.

I started off in public relations working in the consumer, liquor & food/restaurant industry. Then March 2020 hit and I was unfortunately furloughed. However for me, it was a sign to try what I always wanted to pursue: Email Marketing.

I started as a copywriter at a e-commerce agency and as of recently, I am expecting a promotion to be an email marketing coordinator!

During the same time I wanted to pursue a different career, I also wanted to pursue one of my college specializations that I studied for four years: journalism. I am now a freelance journalist for The Digest and super excited for where it takes me.

I am originally from Connecticut, went to college in Baltimore, studied abroad in Rome, worked in NYC and currently live in Hoboken and work now in Jersey.

For more information about my professional experience, visit my Resume page. To see examples of my work, please visit my Portfolio page that outline some of my media placements in the PR world, and for editorial writing clips, please visit my Writing Clips page.

Contact me at arianalena4@gmail.com

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