Ok I’m Back

Is anyone else thrown off that it’s July 11, 2020? 

I truly can’t believe that this is our life right now. On the other hand, it doesn’t freak me out. Society dealt with this 100 years ago with the Black Plague and history repeats itself so… 

Just can’t wait for life to return to normal. 

Anyway I haven’t been blogging as much as I told myself I would but damn the last three months were crazy and it continues to get crazier. 

As you know, I was able to secure a job in a field I always wanted to try during a pandemic so I’m super grateful. With that being said, I needed my own transportation so I was able to finance my first car! Still can’t believe I have it since I still don’t go anywhere…

Also to gather some editorial experience, I am a writing intern at a hyperlocal outlet in Hudson County. I am also in the process of trying to do freelance work for some PR agencies in the county so hopefully, something falls through because some extra cash flow would be amazing.

Especially since I am now moving to Hoboken! Super excited to be in a city and closer to the bigger city that I’ve always loved (if you have any recommendations, shoot them over!). 

2019 was a bit challenging and 2020 I guess was too; professionally and personally. My mid-year resolution is to not make impulsive decisions because I want to do something right away.

I made some decisions last year that I probably shouldn’t have. I wouldn’t say I’m regretful but looking back probably should have thought it over more because right now as I’m typing this, my body is cringing (I can’t go into detail about the decision but hopefully one day). 

For me, I’ve had bad luck and worse case scenarios so I feel like I need to control or be on top of everything in my life. If you know what I’m talking about then you understand. 

I somewhat have an internal battle with myself where I’m laid back and go with the flow yet I can get super controlling over my life, what I’m doing for the day, etc. I guess it’s better to be crazy about what I’m doing for the day and have my boyfriend yell at me because he wants to sleep than make a big decision that’s the wrong choice. 

Anyway, definitely need to continue to blog and keep up with this (:

Published by Ariana Lena

Renewing my passion for writing & finally putting my journalism degree to work.

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