Quarantine With Your S.O.

If you are quarantining with your significant other then you are probably going crazy right now, fearful of going crazy or fear of being bored of each other. For me who lives with their boyfriend of almost two years,  it actually isn’t terrible; that’s probably due to the fact that before this, we were never at home and constantly busy due to work. It’s important during these times to be patient with your partner or else you’re going to be fighting a long battle and who knows when all of this will be over. Below are some tips and advice to stay sane:  

WFH Means Space

Before I was laid off from my job due to COVID-19, we both did our work either at the table together or I lounged in bed or the couch on my laptop. Now I try to stay busy either reading online, writing or whatever keeps me busy so that he can do his job. Just because you share the same work space doesn’t mean you need to be in each other’s business. It is still the work day and you need to let each other get work done or else one of you is going to feel trapped. 

Hey Ladies, Don’t Feel Pressured to…

Not look put together! I know everyone on social media is boasting about how they don’t have to wear makeup, do their hair or wear real clothes but if you want to brush up on your  makeup skills or just feel better wearing makeup sometimes then do it. Sometimes I put makeup on once every other day just to switch up the look. Also, just to not feel like a slob I like to put on leggings and a cute top just to feel like myself. I am all about doing things that make me feel better even if people might think it’s out of the norm. Additionally if you feel as if you and your partner are getting bored of each other, looking cute and feeling confident might help spice it up. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself is worth it but also don’t be insecure about  not wearing makeup in front of your S.O.

Do What Makes You Both Happy 

If binge watching reality TV is doing nothing for you lately  and you simply can’t find one movie that you haven’t watched then don’t feel bad if you want to go off and do your own thing like exercising, reading, browsing on the computer, cooking/baking, etc. For your partner, don’t tell them “No” when it comes to something they want to do and I think you ladies know what I am referencing to – video games! With the circumstance at hand, you need to be lenient about what he wants to do. Don’t get me wrong, I hate it as much as anyone, due to it being a huge waste of time, however if your man only plays if it’s the last thing to do then he can’t be the worst! 

Self Care is Most Important

Like I mentioned previously, it’s important to take care of yourself. If you’re someone who usually goes to the gym five/six times a week then I definitely understand how difficult it is (I’m sorry but online videos aren’t the same as burning calories on a treadmill). Make sure to go outside for a run or even just a long walk because I don’t know about you but my legs start to hurt from not moving around so much. Also make sure to eat healthy while also treating yourself. I stick to the same routine before quarantine was put into place; eat healthy during the week and  treat yourself (in moderation) on the weekend. Lastly like I said, if you want to put on makeup or blow out your hair then just do it. Boosting your confidence especially during a time that seems stagnant is worth it. 

Some other notes for live-in couples:

  • I live by this rule always or at least try to – Pick your battles wisely! In a time where you and your partner are on top of each other, don’t start a fight or bring up past negative memories just to make the other person look bad because you’re bored. If something is genuinely bothering you, there is a way to say it that isn’t hostile. 
  • When this is over, don’t complain to your partner that they aren’t making any time for you – you two were literally with each other 24/7 for a month at least. If your partner still wants to do dinner dates every weekend then that’s great but don’t be upset if on Saturday he wants to meet up with his friends; he has every right to do so and so do you. 
  • Remember space space space! My boyfriend and I are good at not changing the usual day even due to this quarantine. When he is working during the week, we still barely speak even though we are home together. On the weekend though, we watch TV together and do stuff together like take walks or go for a drive. By keeping it this way we aren’t getting bored of each other. 

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