Where I’ll Be Eating Post-Quarantine

If you are like me and love spending three hours out at dinner, then you understand how this quarantine and lockdown is the definition of miserable,  especially now since President Trump just recently extended social distancing guidelines to April 30th, sigh. 

In the meantime, I am just going to dream of places I miss dearly. Below are some places that I am making a priority to visit again and for the first time as soon as everything is safe. Check out below: 

A Dinner I Miss The Most

Roots Steakhouse  in Ridgewood, N.J. (other locations)

New Jerseyans can experience the classic NYC old-school steakhouse vibe without having to travel or spend entirely too much, thanks to Roots.  Everything from the martini to the dessert is perfection. Anyone who dines there receives attentive service, portions that are generous for a steakhouse as well as priced reasonably. I truly miss their stacked Caesar Salad, seasoned Porterhouse for Two, and piled high Carrot Cake. Also if you’re someone who drops the ball on making reservations ahead of time, Roots is always accommodating and ready to welcome you. 

A Brunch I Will Be Taking Full Advantage Of

Barbounia in New York City

A restaurant (especially in the city) that offers a Mediterranean menu classics, plus never ending flow of champagne cocktails until 4 pm will always have a spot in my foodie heart. After going there once with friends, I’ve been dying to go back. We snacked on the hummus and pita to start then I made a bold brunch move and ordered the eggplant & feta omelette which was the right move. If you don’t like feeling like you’re sitting on top of other guests then you might want to reconsider. However the ambience is ideal for a fun romantic date before going out or a girl’s brunch and (most) importantly the waitstaff understand that between 12-4 pm, glasses must be filled with mimosa’s. 

My Oh My I Miss Ice Cream Dates

Curly’s Ice Cream in Riverdale, N.J.

If I could eat ice cream every day for every meal, I probably would. My love for the frozen dessert is also my downfall and has definitely turned me into a snob due to growing up in Connecticut and being introduced to Ferris Acres Creamery. However when I moved to New Jersey, I was introduced to a similar place called Curly’s. Everything is homemade and even offers a wide selection of flavors. My go-to is the Flurry where you can include any topping from peanut butter cups to sprinkles to cookie dough bites. This quarantine situation truly is helping my diet but when the lockdown is lifted, it’s game over for ice cream.  

Two Places I’m Excited to Try 

LouLou in New York City 

If you need to get out of New Jersey or Connecticut or wherever then check out the recently opened restaurant in Chelsea. LouLou, a new French bistro, was on my radar and I was ready to go the week of March 16th until the shutdown of all restaurants came into effect. The menu comprises of classic and modern French dishes by Executive Chef Jarett Brodie as well as Instagram worthy drinks. I am mostly excited to visit the speakeasy that is accessible through an old school Coca-Cola vending machine! 

Rail’s Steakhouse in Towaco, N.J. 

Thanks to my obsession of Real Housewives of New Jersey, I was presented to  Rail’s Steakhouse and ever since Teresa put up a seven-layer chocolate cake, I knew I had to go immediately. Established next to the train tracks, it is a huge space that features an extensive bar area, a fireplace with lounge space and similar to above, there is  a downstairs speakeasy where the staff is dressed to the 1920s theme that is only accessible through a book on the shelf. Trying to get a reservation is tough but if you’re reading this now, you’ll have no trouble booking a reservation for the next month or so (in hopes that the lockdown is lifted). 

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