Ok, We’re Doing This

Life is so weird.

This is my first blog post ever for someone who majored in Communications with a specialization in Journalism and PR. I mean I am doing PR but at 23-years-old, I am re-falling in love with writing.

Growing up, I loved to write. Like any typical 8 or 9-year old, I had my special journal or diary that I picked up from Limited Two. I used it to log in my day or feelings (obviously I was super dramatic and still am) but hey, it truly helped.

After a rough transition period (and it’s still going on), I decided to write one night before the end of the 2019 year. I put down all my feelings and thoughts into a document and I realized so much about myself. So that is why I am doing this.

BUT ALSO I am doing this because I want to share my love of food. I always talk about it with people and always research new/existing places to try out so why not turn it into a blog like everyone else? I represent restaurants as a career but I also want to have my own fun with it.

So if you love food, culture and my crazy life moments, stay tuned!

Published by Ariana Lena

Renewing my passion for writing & finally putting my journalism degree to work.

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